Homemade Jam band first formed in 2010 to play at a local event. Although the band has been organized only since spring 2010, the original four members – Lorraine Ragsdale and her husband, Mike Ragsdale; Lorraine’s daughter, Sandi Richerson, and her husband, Larry Richerson – have been playing together for many years. Lorraine plays the accordion, Mike sings and plays lead guitar, Sandi plays autoharp and Larry plays rhythm guitar.

Local fiddle and bass player, Caleb Samples soon joined the band followed by Laura Skovlin who brought her banjo and sweet voice to the group. Ryya Fluit, our most recent member, brought another fiddle and a big smile to the band. All members live in or near Joseph.

The band’s focus is on old-time, fun, toe-tapping mountain music that people recognize and love.

The Wallowa County Homemade Jam Band has performed at various events, primarily within Wallowa County but occasionally in nearby venues. Performances have included the Bowlby Bash and Watershed Festival in Enterprise, the Wallowa Valley Arts Festival, Eagle Cap Sled Dog Awards Dinner, Mutiny is Brewing, Ember’s Brewhouse, antique fairs, flea markets, barn dances, farmer’s markets, and private parties.

Performing at Red Horse Coffee Traders – Noon-2pm

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