”When I would think of a song I’d sit on the back of my truck and work it out.”

In 2002, Jimmy Bivens found himself in Las Vegas at a Clay Walker show. Backstage Bivens ran into Walker’s band mates, Rex Wiseman and Curt Walsh. Jimmy let Wiseman and Walsh hear some of the songs he had been writing. Wiseman said, “You gotta be one of the best writers I have ever heard.” Jimmy later recorded an album in Nashville with Wiseman and Walsh.

Since releasing the album, “Tell the Story”, in April of 2005, Bivens has become a full time musician.

The first time Jimmy Bivens played on a stage he had a three-member audience that couldn’t even see him. “My friends and I went to visit my dad at a club. It was daytime and the stage was closed off behind a curtain”, Bivens remembered. “When we got done I heard a little bit of applause. I peeked out from behind the curtain and saw my dad, the club owner, and Tammy Wynette.”

It wasn’t strange for Jimmy’s dad, Wayland Bivens, to be hanging out with someone like Tammy Wynette.  Wayland was a Country Swing Hall of Fame musician.

Jimmy Bivens averaged over 200 shows a year for the past several years and also recorded the album, “Jimmy Bivens LIVE” at The Knitting Factory in Boise, ID, and co-hosted the TV show, “Welcome to Indie Country”. The show aired nationally on Blue Highways TV – Nashville.

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