Here’s a look at the 2017 lineup :

jimmy bivens

  ”When I would think of a song I’d sit on the back of my truck and work it out.” In 2002, Jimmy Bivens found himself in Las Vegas at a Clay Walker show. Backstage Bivens ran into Walker’s band mates, Rex Wiseman and Curt Walsh. Jimmy let Wiseman and Walsh hear... read more

Jezebel’s Mother

Songwriters Carolyn Lochert and Janis Carper blend their talents to form a unique sound; swirling with rhythms and harmonies, sentiment and smiles, tight but spontaneous, each performance a musical adventure that reveals the bond of best friends. Whether they’re... read more

An American Forrest

  An American Forrest is a storyteller and guitar picker from the conifer forests of Western Washington and Northeastern Oregon. His songs pull inspiration from 4 years of living out of a truck, backpack, and horseback. He released two EPs in 2013, a debut LP,... read more

Joey Carper

  Joey Carper has spent most of his young music career as a drummer for bands such as Jezebel’s Mother,  The Alibis, Bitterroot, and The Lowdown Whiskey Rebels. In recent years Carper has turned to the guitar and focused on writing his own well-structured songs... read more